Turkish Desserts: 18 Best Sweets You Can’t Say No To – Part 1

The fact that occidental works of art like C.S makes it no incident. Lewis’ ‘The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe’ notices Turkish joys as pay off. Nor is anyone shocked that movement essayists reliably sends off into the fascinating dream of sweets from this segment of the world. Maybe it is the aftereffect of the blending of different societies in the Ottoman Empire, or perhaps it is the genealogical history of the Turkic public moving from Far East Asia to Asia Minor today. In any case, there is something in the pastry area for everybody.
Whether your sweet tooth needs to overpower or whether you want a more refined taste, we’ve gathered a rundown of probably the best Turkish treats. Be careful, these epicurean treats are so alluring; they will experience no difficulty tempting you away from your eating regimen.

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The apex of Turkish pastries, this treat produced using fresh layers of phyllo batter loaded down with ground pistachios is served wherever in Turkey. Subsequent to being heated, it’s doused with sweet, honey-like sugar syrup implanted with lemon. The velvety, rich smell radiates from each fantastic crunch. The sound, the taste, the surface – this is a tactile encounter.

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Famously made in the southeast city of Gaziantep, the name ‘baklava’ was enlisted by the European Commission as a Protected Geographical Indication. Created in Ottoman Topkapı Palace kitchens in medieval times, today, you can track down renditions with pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, new coagulated cream fillings, and, surprisingly, a chocolate variant!

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Otherwise called Knafeh to Arabic speakers, this notable sweet has been around for quite a long time. This is additionally made with string cake (destroyed wheat or kadayıf) absorbed sweet sugar syrup. Nonetheless, the shock is the smooth, unsalted goat’s cheddar inside. For the most part well known in the Arab world, the Turkish variant hails from Hatay, a locale that borders Syria.

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Lokum (Turkish Delight)

The superstar. Writing, yet this imaginative candy has likewise enlivened specialists of various ventures: from being a forerunner to the jellybean to being remembered for fragrances. Recently called ‘Rahat ul-hulküm’, which is gotten from Ottoman Turkish, the Turkish Delight satisfies the name: the solace of the throat. A little piece of paradise.
In spite of the fact that they are sufficiently heavenly to be implanted in different sweets, similar to chocolates, a typical objection is by all accounts that the ones back home aren’t as chewy. The ones drifting around in Istanbul appear to have that ideal proportion of starch to sugar and flavor. Presented as something to suffocate away the sharpness of Turkish espresso, you may likewise track down those with nuts, destroyed coconut, or even outlandish flavors like a rose.

Tavukgöğsü (Chicken pudding)

This is a tomfoolery trick to play with your companions. Take a carnivore to a treat shop in Turkey. Request the tavukgöğsü. Allow them to complete the entire thing before you interpret what they ate: The Chicken Breast. (truly, don’t do this trick to your veggie lover companion) Yes, you heard right. This thick milk pudding is viewed as one of the mark dishes in Turkey.
Beforehand a delicacy served to the rulers; this milk-based pudding has its underlying foundations in the Roman Empire. Normally finished off with a liberal aiding of cinnamon, the thick pudding is formed like a log. You’d never think about what’s inside!
For veggie lovers, have confidence. There is a without meat form accessible. Normally called Muhallebi, make a few inquiries for the kind of pastry that will stun your faculties.

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Fırında sütlaç

There are rice puddings and afterward there’s “fırında sütlaç“. The idea is fundamental: toss a rice pudding on the stove. The taste, in any case, is uncommon. The pudding goes through the Maillard response to make a caramel-hued, better rendition of the rice pudding. Specialists in Turkish gastronomy know the mystery: the hazier, the more consumed, renditions are more delectable than the somewhat caramelized form. Normally served cold, they’re a joy to eat when warm as well.
Whenever you first taste it, you’ll perceive the truth about it: solace food. This is the very thing that you go to during unpleasant times. This warming treat is somewhere close to a rice pudding, a souffle, and a custard.


The fragrant orange-scented, syrup-doused semolina cake is incredible and quite possibly of Turkey’s most home-cooked desserts. The light treat is profoundly regarded: it is said that you can’t view yourself as a Middle Eastern/Greek/Albanian baked good gourmet expert on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to make this pastry. Starting in the sixteenth hundred years, it was known as revani for example “the valuable” in Ottoman Turkish.

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Enthusiasts of Jalebi and Churros can please with this brilliantly shaded delicacy. Those with an insidious sweet tooth will find that this will hit each spot. On the off chance that you’re interested with regards to what it poses a flavor like, consider the juiciest donut you’ve at any point eaten and presently envision it to be two times as damp. Very much like a donut, this is broiled in oil prior to being washed with sweet syrup. The tulumba oversees delicate and fresh all simultaneously.

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Un helvası

Helva is a famous yet flexible sweet tracked down across the Balkans, Africa, and Asia. Despite the fact that Turkey has a colossal choice of various sorts of helva, the flour helva is ordinarily molded like little rolls. This satiny delicate treat will dissolve away in your mouth very much like margarine (made with flour broiled in spread), and this is the ideal backup to assist with offsetting the severe taste of tea/espresso.
There is a custom that the flour and semolina variants of the helva are eaten after fish to assist with purging the sense of taste. It’s otherwise called the “halva of the dead” because it is standard to pass out at memorial services. Thus, assuming that you’re super into Halloween, consider this orangey treat the ideal trick-or-treat sweet.

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Otherwise called Noah’s pudding, this customary Turkish sweet is said to have begun when the ark laid on Mount Ararat. Purportedly a pudding was produced using the depleted supplies on the boat. Thus, in the event that you invest any energy living in Turkey, don’t be shocked in the event that somebody thumps on your entryway to offer you a plate as an image of harmony and love.
This is a strange pastry that you totally need to attempt to comprehend. There isn’t any exemplary recipe as everybody puts their twist on it. A hybrid of a pudding and porridge, you might find grains, nuts, dried organic products, pine nuts, and different shocks framed in the pink porridge. This fragrant sweet might have up to twelve, perhaps more, fixings and is normally vegetarian amicable.

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