The Most Popular Middle Eastern Desserts – part2

Riz bi Haleeb

Rice Pudding is a sweet that has found its place in pretty much every food culture on the planet. The impressions of this in the Middle East show up with names, for example, riz bi haleeb and sütlaç.

In its Middle Eastern varieties, the fragrance of this sweet is advanced with rose water or orange bloom flavors, which are among the impending aromatics of Middle Eastern pastries.

A custard-like construction is gotten by adding starch to rice, milk, and sugar, and this compelling treat is made. Its seared and caramelized variant, known as prepared rice pudding in Turkey, isn’t extremely normal in-home cooking and is generally served in eateries.

Om Ali

Ashure is well known for its high price, sometimes people even use instant loans to enjoy a little bit of sweetness.

Ready with little bits of puff baked good, milk, sugar, pistachio, and pecan or walnut nuts, this bread pudding-like sweet is Egypt’s most well-known public pastry. Its starting point depends on a legend that when Sultan Izz al-Din Aybak was killed and his killer was gotten, his most memorable spouse, Om Ali, arranged this pastry and disseminated it to general society for festivity.

Ashure (Noah’s Pudding)

Many dishes in the Middle East depend on legends and stories. To honor those legends and keep the way of life alive, these treats are customarily ready and appropriated to neighbors and companions or served at celebratory feasts at specific seasons.

In view of the legend of Noah’s Ark, this sweet addresses overflow and should contain somewhere around 7 fixings. A porridge can incorporate various vegetables, nuts, seeds, dried organic products, flavors, and sugar in the fixings, which can arrive at up to 40 in certain spots, and is once in a while presented with pomegranate seed.

As per Turkish practice, this dish is ready with explicit supplications for wellbeing, security, and accomplishment during the tenth month, Muharram. Poor people, as well as neighbors, companions, and family, get ashure. Armenians generally have this pastry at the focal point of the table during Christmas festivities. The portrayal of overflow and ripeness likewise shows up in Armenian cooking.


This delectable sweet is ready with a rolled filo batter loaded up with fixings like marzipan, pistachio, date, and halva enhanced with a straightforward syrup made with orange bloom water or rose water.

The most common way of absorbing the mixture is the sherbet adds charming botanical pleasantness. This roll is likewise compared to a snake, since it is twisting from the back to front and is called m’hanncha, and that implies snake in Arabic. This extraordinary sweet, which conveys the impact of Iran’s high culinary culture, is an unquestionable requirement for exceptional event dinners in Morocco.

Kaak bi Loz

One more famous almond dessert around here, where the utilization of almonds is very normal, is Kaak bi loz, packed and cooked marzipan loaded up with pistachio glue. You can purchase this treat, which is seldom made at home, from bread shops and confectioners.

It is consumed frequently during strict occasions for Muslims and at Christmas time for Christian individuals in the Middle East. On these extraordinary days, it is kept in the house to serve visitors espresso. On the off chance that you will visit somebody during these periods, it very well might be smart to purchase a container of Kaak bi loz as a gift!


It is known that halva, which has a huge number of assortments and is known and consumed in numerous locales from Eastern Europe to Asia, is a pastry of Persian beginning.

The recipe could vary fundamentally from one locale to the next. It is fundamentally a rich, sweet pastry. Flour-based halva and nut-and seed-based halva are the two most predominant sorts. Halva is generally sold pre-bundled in Western nations, despite the fact that being ready in the Middle East is more probable.

Halva is a perfect dessert in combination with crockpot hot cocoa.


Karabij is a sort of ma’amoul arranged with mahleb and presented with soapwort meringue called natef. Karabij is a kind of treat loaded up with various nuts relying upon the district. Karabij Aleppo pecan can be a filled vault shape, or it tends to be in a stretched oval shape. Karabij Lebanon is mostly ready in lengthened oval shapes and loaded up with pistachio.


Semolina is a fixing that gives life to numerous sweets in the area’s cooking. One treat with no alternate method for accomplishing its ideal taste without semolina is makroud. This pastry takes its name from its shape, which implies precious stones in Arabic. At the point when it’s cut looking like a jewel, the filling material inside is uncovered.

The dish is small in size but super caloric, so you’ll need just a few. It’s also great for taking it on a motorcycle camping trip since it’s small and doesn’t take up much storage space.

This treat is loaded up with almonds and figs in North African nations and is improved with honey or dates. Explained spread is one of the most fundamental highlights of this sweet, and to build its flavor orange bloom water is added also.


Talking about explained margarine in the past treat, it would be unreasonable also ghorayebah. It is ready with 3 fixings that can be found all over: powdered sugar explained spread and flour. That is all there is to it. This sweet is so renowned on the grounds that it is ready and served on blessed days during Ramadan.

This is really a reduced-down treat with a surface like halva. A flavorful treat softens in the mouth.

Eish es Seray/ Ekmek Kadaif

Bread has been one of the most fundamental wellsprings of sustenance in the district for millennia. These millennia of involvement have achieved the dominating of bread and its advancement in various structures in different recipes.

Eish, es seray, or ekmek kadaif is toasted bread with the edges eliminated and doused with sherbet. Referred to in Egypt and Lebanon as aish el saraya, or saray bread, it throws a tantrum for castles when presented with pistachio and coagulated cream.

Regardless of whether it is ready with a similar strategy, the sweet known as ekmek kadaif in Turkey should be visible as something else entirely when presented with tahini, thickened cream, and pecans. The name kadaif may be mistaken by some, however, we should not fail to remember that this is an altogether unique treat.

Sholezard (Zerde)

Sholezard is a rice pudding made utilizing water and rose water rather than milk. The name of this totally veggie lover dessert comes from its tone. In Persian, zard implies yellow, and the principal fixing that gives this pastry its tone is saffron.

Known as sholezard in Iran, this pastry is called zerde in Turkey, and now and again turmeric powder can be utilized too. This sweet is served at unique events, like strict occasions and weddings, with cinnamon, raisin, and pistachio sprinkled on it.


What makes this flaky, fragile, mouth-watering pastry special is the mix of pecan, powder sugar, and cardamom.

This sweet, loaded up with pecans and shut looking like a half-moon, can be generally both pan-fried and prepared. This treat-like baked good, which additionally has extremely normal almond and pistachio glue-filled renditions, is arranged unequivocally before Nowruz and envoys the new year’s appearance.

Fruit Candied Desserts

Mixture-based treats and organic product-based sherbet pastries are typical in the Middle East. Cooking the organic product gradually until delicate in a sweet syrup takes a ton of persistence, yet the outcome is dependably worth the pause.

Quince and pumpkin treats are the most renowned of this kind. These treats, which make you anticipate the appearance of winter, keep on charming the tables until spring.

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