Some Of The Balkans Traditional Deserts

Assuming you at any point visited the Balkan or were some way or another acquainted with Balkan cooking, you’ll realize that this entrancing food is where Ottoman, Mediterranean, and European flavors meet. Also, very much like the remainder of the Balkan cooking, Balkan treats and desserts are comparably delightful and draw out the best case scenario! In this way, assuming that you’re an individual who likes desserts and frequently have sweet desires, it’s probably correct that you’ll go for Balkan treats; they have everything from straightforward treats and cakes to modern pies, cakes, and even jam that require a long time to get ready.

In this way, whether you’re intending to visit the Balkans soon or need to attempt to bring Balkan flavors to your kitchen, here are the best Balkan treats.


In fact, baklava is a Turkish pastry (despite the fact that there are contentions that the starting points of this tasty sweet are Byzantine) however it’s similarly as famous in the Balkan nations. The pastry turned out to be extremely well known in this region of the planet when the Balkan was under Ottoman rule. In its quintessence, baklava is a rich sweet cake that comprises of a few extremely flimsy mixture layers shrouded in sherbet (fluid sugar) and ground pistachios that give the baked good a pleasant crunchy surface.


Kadaif is the Balkan form of the customary Middle Eastern pastry kunefe. The sweet comprises of rich destroyed filo mixture finished off with a nutty filling. The recipe for kadaif was logical brought to the Balkans by the Ottomans however consistently, local people fostered its own contort on the recipe. Regularly, kadaif is covered in lemon-seasoned sherbet and finished off with cinnamon as well as clove.

Semolina Halva

Halva is a sugary treat recipe that has numerous varieties in various regions of the planet, including Turkey, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Mediterranean however in its quintessence, this sweet comprises of toasted semolina. Each country in the Balkans has its own rendition of halva (despite the fact that the greater part of them are comparable) and there are even various approaches to setting it up in various locales inside a similar country.


Sutlijash is another of the famous Balkan sweets that start from Turkey. In its quintessence, sutlijash is a rice pudding that has an exceptionally basic readiness strategy; it’s made of rice, milk, sugar, vanilla, and rice flour and is frequently finished off with hazelnuts/pistachios, and (at times) with other new natural products, and cinnamon.

Yiaourtopita Cake

On the off chance that you at any point visited Greece, you know the amount they love their yogurt. As a matter of fact, they love it such a lot of that in certain recipes, they use yogurt rather than milk. On account of the yiaoutorpita cake, the yogurt gives the cake an additional sodden and soft surface and delicacy. The cake is typically finished off with cognac syrup or potentially new foods grown from the ground sugar, making it an ideal, reviving summer dessert.

Loukoumades (Greek Donuts)

I realize we previously referenced donuts above (krofne) however Greek donuts or Loukomadies are very unique and taste really unique and surface. Greek donuts are exceptionally minuscule, fresh mixture balls canvassed in delightful sweet syrup and sprinkled with cleaved nuts and cinnamon powder. It’s one of the most well known and habit-forming Balkan treats and when you attempt one, halting there is essentially unthinkable.


Gurabija is a scrumptious shortbread treat ready by squeezing sugar 3D shapes inside the mixture prior to baking the treats. The recipe is essentially years and years old and the treat is similarly well known in Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania. Be that as it may, there are a few distinct varieties of the recipe in various pieces of the Balkan. For instance, in Bosnia, the treats are enhanced with dried natural products, nuts, and lemon zing and are beautified utilizing a fork or a blade. In Macedonia and Albania, individuals as a rule use apple pekmez (bubbled squeezed apple) Traditionally, gurabija is served close by some dark tea or Turkish espresso.


Tulumba is a treat that comprises of a sweet, sugary, southern style mixture absorbed sherbet. The batter is made of semolina flour and corn starch which gives the sweet a firm surface. In Turkey, tulumba is one of the most famous road food desserts but at the same time it’s extremely well known in the Balkans and you can ordinarily see individuals serving tulumba for significant occasions and unique events, like weddings and festivities.


Celufki or puslice are basic, simple to-make crunchy desserts whose name means “kisses”. This sweet is made of beaten egg whites and sugar. The outcome is a sweet that appears as though whipped cream however it’s really not velvety yet chewy despite the fact that it’s quite delicate and dissolves in your mouth.


This treat was motivated by French eclair however something stands out about the Balkan form of this sweet. It’s one of the most widespread and well known Balkan treats and many individuals make it at home yet you can likewise track down a pre-arranged form of it in many stores (and obviously, cake shops).

Macedonian Apple Pie (lazy apple pie)

Macedonian fruity dessert likewise normally alluded to as languid pie is a conventional Macedonian recipe that is likewise very famous in other ex-Yugoslavian nations. The pie comprises of two layers of mixture and one layer of apple in the middle between. Generally, this is a harvest time dessert yet these days, individuals appreciate it consistently.


Palacinke is the Balkan form of crepes. The recipe for setting up the hitter isn’t exceptionally unique however how they are served is. Balkan crepes are most likely the heaviest crepes you can view as on the planet. They’re presented with a great deal of whipped cream, a ton of chocolate, and a ton of natural products. I have by and by saw a couple of individuals guaranteeing that they’re excessively full to complete only one crepe, so assuming you have the sweet tooth, you can consider tasting Balkan crepes as a test.

Russian Hats

This pastry has an exceptionally fascinating name; it really means Russian hats and the thought behind the name is that the treats look like conventional Russian Ushanka hats. The pastry is exceptionally famous in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia and it comprises of a round sandwich cupcake with vanilla filling canvassed in coconut sprinkles on the sides and around the edges, finished off with chocolate.


Šnenokle is a Serbian treat that is motivated by the French sweet Île flottante. This treat is fundamentally a meringue poached in vanilla custard, finished off with caramel sauce and toasted destroyed almonds. This dish was logical acquainted with the Balkans during the Habsburg government when an enormous piece of the Balkan Peninsula was under Habsburg rule.

Vasa’s Cake

Vasa’s Cake or Vasina Torta is an exemplary of Serbian cooking and one of the most delicious Balkan cakes you can at any point find. The cake has an exceptionally delicate base with a smooth filling made of chocolate, oranges, and pecans, and is finished off with chocolate and šaum (a combination of sugar, water, and egg whites). The cake was imagined in 1908 when it was ready for one, Vasa Čokrljan as a gift from his mother by marriage. I surmise even they didn’t expect that this cake will end up being so well known even 100 years after the fact.


Mađarica is one more famous Croatian sweet with a fairly uncommon name (mađarica implies a female Hungarian in Croatian). This cake is a chocolate-filled charm that will presumably leave you hankering for more. The planning is straightforward it comprises of rotating layers of mixture and chocolate filling, finished off with chocolate spread coat.

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